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2016 Community Involvement Winner. 

2017 Leadership Team Member, Atlanta Chapter.

2018 Leadership Team Member, Charlotte & Atlanta

2019 Leadership Team Member, Charlotte & Atlanta

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In 2017, the LLS funded 18 FDA approved master treatments for blood cancers!

How can you help?!... Great Question!

1- Join my Team! Private Message me for more information. 

2- Accepting Corporate Donation Commitment Letters NOW! Marketing Perks Included.
- If you own a company or know of a company interested in partnering with LLS, please message me.

3- Silent Auction Donations. BIG and small
- Gift Cards / Certificates (Restaurants, Salon & Spa, Activities & Attractions, Fitness, Car Washes, Auto Repair, etc)
- Travel vouchers, Retreat & Vacation Packages (hotel stays, private aircraft
- Sporting Events, Concerts & Behind the scene experiences

- Transportation Services: Limo, Uber, etc.  

- Luxury Yacht, Houseboat, Jet Boat Experiences
- Diamond Rings (just saying....)
- Animals (yes, crazy I know.... A 2 month old Golden Retriever once raised $5,000 for Kids with Disabilities).
- Wine (I promise I won't drink it all before the event. lol)

- Antiques

- Sports Memorabilia & Autographs

- Celebrity Schwag

- Artwork
- The options are endless

4- Personal Donations during the campaign (March 31st - June 11th). Every Penny Counts! 

Even a PENNY could be the missing cent to FUND A MIRACLE!  

5- Attend the MWoY Gala on June 11th, 2016. Details to follow.

6- In-Kind Event Donations
- Flowers
- Food & Alcohol 
- Decorations 
- Live Entertainment / DJ

YOUR support in making the "Lady in Red" campaign successful is GREATLY APPRECIATED! xoxo

PLEASE SHARE! Any and all donations help to find a cure for blood cancers!  TOGETHER Let's Make Someday, TODAY!

Power of YOUR Money!



Funds an LLS research fellow’s training for a year, building the next generation of research scientists dedicate to developing blood cancer cures.



Funds 1 year of vital research on graft vs. host disease, a complication seen in stem cell transplant patients in which donor cells attack the patient’s tissue, reducing quality of life.



Funds 1 year of studies to monitor blood levels of patients participating in a clinical trial $ 7,800 funds general lab supplies for 1 year to help LLS-funded researchers conduct lab work.


$ 5,000

Funds 1 month of studies of a patient’s response to a new therapy being tested to understand how the treatment is working.


$ 4,300

Allows an LLS chapter to fund a full day blood cancer education seminar.


$ 2,000

Funds an LLS research fellow for 2 weeks.


$ 1,800

Helps promote patient and healthcare professional programs via LLS’s national network of chapters across the US and Canada.


$ 1,800

Average out of pocket- one month medical costs for a child with cancer.


$ 1,350

The average cost of one day of inpatient care in the hospital for a cancer patient.


$ 900

Allows LLS researchers to isolate T cells from a patient’s blood to be used in a promising experimental immunotherapy clinical trial.


$ 750

Funds targeted whole exome sequencing in 1 patient to discover common mutations in genes known to be important in blood cancers.


$ 300

Funds one week of important one on one and group support for families.


$ 300

Provides support for 1 week for LLS clinical specialists to identify eligible patients for clinical trials to advance new, lifesaving therapies for blood cancers. $ 200 supports a research fellow for one day.


$ 150

Helps fund general lab supplies for 1 week.


$ 70

Allows 1 patient to participate in an LLS hosted telephone/web education program featuring medical experts providing the latest disease and treatment information.


$ 10

Helps an LLS funded researcher grow cells in a lab for one week, to understand how well a new blood cancer therapy might work.